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In 1986 I produced an album of original music which combined a “New Age” aesthetic with influences from Latin Jazz. I already had a background playing Latin Jazz both as a percussionist and on keyboards. My friend and fellow musician Schawkie Roth had pioneered the idea of directing music projects for specific applications like meditation, relaxation, and joyous celebration. He plays wonderful bamboo flute on some of the selections.

For the more jazz oriented tracks I brought in the consummate woodwind player Tony Pagano on silver flute and also the late great vibist John Rae who had worked with Cal Tjader. I played all the parts of the rhythm section by overdubbing to 16 track tape prior to the addition of these soloists. The natural sounds of surf and birds were recorded in Hawaii.

These tunes were compositions I had worked out on the piano through inspiration and fun. I am here offering the full tracks of two of the tunes along with the sheet music.
All music © 1986 Aqua Sphere Music BMI
sample 30 second tracks except where noted



Coral Sands



Floating Lotus - full track
music chart - free pdf download

Palm Dance

Ambrosia - full track
music charts - free pdf download
  piano  bass  percussion

© Myron Ort