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Love Must Love - 28 min. silent, 1968
Flower generation celebration of love. Filmed in San Francisco and Berkeley California in collaboration with my girlfriend at the time, the actress Donna Germain.

Eye Lands -  29 min. silent, 1970 
Having moved from the city to the country, a continuation of ongoing investigations into filmmaking vision as a spiritual meditation. Documents an engagement with Avatar Meher Baba and his teachings.

Awakener - 10 min. silent, 1969 (8mm original)
Transition from psychedelics to Meher Baba. Cinema as path to reality.

Ommo - 17 min. silent, 1972
Originally an 8mm film with hand-painting which was blown up to 16mm and hand-painted again before multiple printings with several optical manipulations. A mandala of ever changing configurations, both angelic and demonic, to be seen as an evanescent phenomenon.

In the late 1960s I met Stan Brakhage when he attended a screening by local filmmakers in San Francisco. Afterwards he expressed an enthusiasm for trading some of his own 8 mm Songs for a print of my 8 mm film "Love Must Love".  We started a correspondence and then further trades for my 8 mm film "Eye Lands". This DVD contains the three films pertaining to the enclosed facsimiles of the letters from Stan. About my 16 mm film "Ommo" (1971) Brakhage states: "I think I have never seen a more thoroughly worked-on hand-painted film"


Love Must Love

Eye Lands

Awakener - silent