Okeanos - 33 min. silent, 1972-2008 
Filmed in Baja California where the desert sun meets the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf. A rusting shipwreck on the rocks outside of Cabo San Lucas in 1972 provides a central and poignant metaphor for a macro-psychedelic and micro-expressionistic exploration of tropical colors and surfy forms. At the time many innovative and experimental in-camera techniques were used to create a dazzling and mysterious vocabulary of painter’s eye multi-plane  cinema. Extensive abstract expressionist hand painting can also be seen in this final version. Meanwhile the shipwreck "Inari Maru" has disintegrated and disappeared back into the sea.

Palimpsest Palindrome - 4 min. silent, 1965-1975
Mirrored from left to right and front to back, this multilayered black and white symmetrical abstract horror film has apocalypse written all over it. It is still a lot of fun to see and is not without its humor.

Okeanos (original) - 33 min. silent, 1972
The edited A-roll original prior to reversal wet-gate printing and hand-painting.

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Palimpsest Palindrome

Okeanos (original)